TWR News Hub Released!

The non official app of the English Band " These Words", which tries to bring their media stream to you in one place :)

CallTime Manager Released!

Aims to save you money, by warning with sound alarm or vibrating the phone when getting to the end of your free minutes for any given number!!..

Super2Me Released!

Focused on the creation of shopping lists on the run, with this ap you can create almost any general purpose list click here to learn more...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

CallTime Manager 1.1.9 ... it is just getting better!

For v1.1.9 the view stats option is available from the long press menu, also some inner changes for future  modifications :) if you have it click the button below to update it!

Android app on Google Play

Sunday, January 1, 2012

CallTime Manager v1.1.7 [bug Fixed]

There was some nasty bug fighting to survive..but finally is fixed...  v1.1.7 is now in the market ;) ... so if you are still using old versions,   update!! what are you waiting for??...

Android app on Google Play