Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CallTime Manager Released!

CallTime Manager
Cellphone carrirers specially in México, have frequent numbers, to whom you can call for free, let me rewrite that as "free" because  actually the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds more less are the ones free, and then you'll be charged (depending on the company) a certain amount for any extra time your phone call last, so this app  tries to save you money by letting you know that your free call time is about to reach its end!!

With this app you can:

  • Configure the free minutes for individual numbers
  • Configure the duration of the audible alarm
  • You can add multiple numbers and configure them individually
  • You can use a vibrating alarm (the vibrating alarm will vibrate the S.O.S) insteead of using the soound alarm [new for v1.1.2]
  • If your friend doesn't have a smartphone and he has you in his/her free numbers, you can use the same settings when you receive an incomming call frome he or she so you can warn her/he about the time up!!
  • Auto redial [new in v1.1.4]
  • stats-counter for outgoing calls (the graph shows the number of time you have called the number  per month, so you can really see if your free number deserves to be in your free numbers list...) [new in 1.1.6]
  • Bugs killed... and the stats is available when you long click over the contact added to the call time Manager :) [version 1.1.9]
  • NO ADS!!!!  and now you can access the google contacts  :) [version]
All suggestions are welcome you can post them here. Meanwhile check CallTime Manager @ Android Market [Click Here] 

Android app on Google Play


it's official, Calltime Manager is over the 500 downnloads now, thank you so much , keep enjoying the app and more features are comming :D!!

New version released... 1.1.4 :) already updated the post witht he new features.. :)

Discula, actualice ala version 2.3.7 y ahora no me deja instalar la aplicacion( que por cierto es muy buena), hay problema en la compatibilidad? o es mi cel el que esta fallando?

Ummm...actualizaste a las version 2.3.7 de android?? si la actuaizada te conservó la app entonces desinstalala, y bajala de nuevo del market.... aunque para ser sinceros me suena un tanto rara la version 2.3.7, porque en versiones oficiales he visgo incluso una 2.3.4 y de ahi es salto a la 3.0, prueba y me dices si funciona.

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