TWR News Hub Released!

The non official app of the English Band " These Words", which tries to bring their media stream to you in one place :)

CallTime Manager Released!

Aims to save you money, by warning with sound alarm or vibrating the phone when getting to the end of your free minutes for any given number!!..

Super2Me Released!

Focused on the creation of shopping lists on the run, with this ap you can create almost any general purpose list click here to learn more...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

CallTime Manager V1.1.6 is out!

Yeah  merry Christmas and happy new year,  here is my present for you all, this ver 1.1.6 of the callTime Manager  fixes some mayor bugs, and introduces a new characteristic... a graph that counts now many time you have called the contacts added to the call time manager!!.. this way  you will find that  maybe the numbers that you have as free numbers are not so  favorite after all.. and probably discover that some others are more often called and deserve a shot in your free numbers... :)  ... here i leave you a video  :)

You find it useful?  shot the love spreading the word and don't forget to  add stars and +1 it at the market!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maintenance Release..

This new version became more a maintenance release instead of a " new feature release.."  this is because the blocking number characteristic that android already has works great!.. so instead of that  i just fixed some bugs in this new version and prepared some of the app internals for another characteristic, i think you all gonna find useful...

**One important bug that was fixed, is the dial screen, that on redial hides in the notification  bar..
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New feature for the CallTime Manager

Has been a while, i know, but a new features is comming
( hopefully by this weekend ) ... based on the comments received... so keep around!..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working overseas...

This has been a hard week to work in the apps, i've been  all week in Mexicali  but this Saturday i'll be back in Cuernavaca , anyway this was fine because i had some time to think about the features and some improvements in the next releases of the callTime  mamanager as well as the super2me app, please i encourage you to send me comments or any thoughs by leaving posts or by sending e-mail  or a twitt.... more is soon to come...including a new app ...!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CallTime Manager. New Release Published!!

Told you it was going to be on weekend,  it takes  a few minutes to update the android market page, but  right now my phone detected the new release and started updating it... still don't have it?  get from here [Android Market CallTime Manager],  this update's new feature is the auto redial!! .. hope this is useful and you like it, also don't forget to thank  making +1 and/or  giving stars... if something doesn't goes as expected or have suggestions drop me a twit , comment  or an e-mail..
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Friday, November 11, 2011

New release and new feature, CallTime Manager

A new release with one new feature is comming this weekend for the calltime manager.. :) , i hope you like, if u have any ideas you want to get for the next new releases drop me a line commenting the post, or by twitter (@sourcecode_)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CallTime Manager Released!

CallTime Manager
Cellphone carrirers specially in México, have frequent numbers, to whom you can call for free, let me rewrite that as "free" because  actually the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds more less are the ones free, and then you'll be charged (depending on the company) a certain amount for any extra time your phone call last, so this app  tries to save you money by letting you know that your free call time is about to reach its end!!

With this app you can:

  • Configure the free minutes for individual numbers
  • Configure the duration of the audible alarm
  • You can add multiple numbers and configure them individually
  • You can use a vibrating alarm (the vibrating alarm will vibrate the S.O.S) insteead of using the soound alarm [new for v1.1.2]
  • If your friend doesn't have a smartphone and he has you in his/her free numbers, you can use the same settings when you receive an incomming call frome he or she so you can warn her/he about the time up!!
  • Auto redial [new in v1.1.4]
  • stats-counter for outgoing calls (the graph shows the number of time you have called the number  per month, so you can really see if your free number deserves to be in your free numbers list...) [new in 1.1.6]
  • Bugs killed... and the stats is available when you long click over the contact added to the call time Manager :) [version 1.1.9]
  • NO ADS!!!!  and now you can access the google contacts  :) [version]
All suggestions are welcome you can post them here. Meanwhile check CallTime Manager @ Android Market [Click Here] 

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Super2Me Released!

Has been published in the android market, this app  looks to make shopping or any general porpouse lists, easy to create and handle, because lets face it you don't need to create categories for products you just need a list that at least calculate you the total and that you can change on the run!! check it out in the android market and give it a try, any suggestions please let me know at the blog or  at twitter

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